A diamond craftsman is the humblest yet most courageous of entities in my opinion. He pits himself against one of the hardest and most beautiful materials on earth. On one hand its toughness is daunting; on the other hand there is the fear of marring its beauty. Yet, somehow, slowly, by repeated actions he cuts and polishes the rough diamond to create a thing of everlasting beauty.

I believe the world is like a diamond, a tough place to live in but also inherently beautiful. In order to uncover its beauty, we need to work slowly, repeatedly, with responsibility and goodwill. As a key stakeholder in society, it is vital that Shree Ramkrishna Exports contributes to the growth of society. This is the genesis of our company: our attempt to touch the lives of all those around us by giving, creating opportunities, fostering responsibility and humanity.

Our business is built on these very principles of honesty and humanity. As anyone who has worked with us or for us will tell you, our quest is to be the best. The best in doing what we do, which is creating exquisite diamonds; and providing the best experience to our employees and clients alike.

As with those who our work touches directly, we also strive to give back to society. Our endeavours in the field of education, rural development, healthcare and other social initiatives are testament to our dedication to give as much as we can and stay connected to our roots.

Today, Shree Ramkrishna Exports has grown to reach great heights. All through our journey we have stayed committed to our principles of humility and integrity and hope to do so in the future as well.

Mr. Govind Dholakia
Founder & Chairman