Product Related Queries

From where does SRK source their rough diamonds?

SRK adheres to the Best Practice Principles (BPP) in business and sources rough diamonds from official rough diamond suppliers. All the diamonds are Kimberly Process Compliant.

What is the annual production capacity at SRK?

SRK processes more than 720 thousand carats of rough diamonds every year (around 60,000 carats rough diamonds every month) at its state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing facility at Surat. More than 5000 skilled employees make use of the latest equipment including Galaxy 1000 Planner Machine from Sarin to process beautifully crafted diamonds

What makes SRK different from other diamond manufacturers?

Customers prefer SRK for its superior quality, impeccable diamonds, ethical practices, service-oriented approach and innovative marketing expertise. With trust, accountability and transparency, SRK has managed to win the trust of jewelry manufacturers, diamond wholesalers, chain stores, small independent stores and retail traders.

What support is available from SRK to the clients?

SRK's global network, including affiliates in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, Tel Aviv and Antwerp has made it easy for the company to handle client queries and requirements. SRK has a website that acts as the universal point-of-sale for global clients. The company also initiated, the first diamond selling website in the industry and apps for smart phones and tablets to ensure a comfortable buying experience for the clients.

Is every SRK diamond "Natural" and "Conflict-free"?

Every single diamond sourced from SRK's official rough diamond suppliers is natural and conflict-free. SRK diamonds are Kimberly Process Compliant stringently monitored through the value chain. The company doesn't sell laboratory-made, treated or man-made synthetic diamonds. No color-enhanced or clarity enhanced diamond are sold by SRK.

Which diamond grading certificate does SRK offer?

SRK diamonds are certified by internationally renowned grading laboratories such as the IGI (International Gemological Institute) and GIA (Gemological Insitutite of America). The company also has its own grading system known as SGS (SRK Grading System).

Before buying, can we physically look at the diamonds selected online?

With the help of "View Request" feature on SRK's official website, you can schedule an appointment and physically inspect the online selected diamond at our Mumbai office.

Does SRK cater to customized orders?

SRK caters to customized orders based on the cuts required by the customers.

What is the pricing policy on

SRK follows a "Fair and Fixed Price" policy for all the diamonds listed on Rates are revised according to the market conditions. Customers have been offered features such as "Diamond at Your Price" and "Diamond of the Day" to buy the best diamond within their budget. Click here to read SRK's Policies and Terms & Conditions.

Does SRK have a return policy?

The company doesn't have an Exchange Policy or Purchase Return Policy. Online customers can avail the "View Request" feature and request KAM to view the diamonds personally. Customers can also view photos and videos of the selected diamonds before making the purchase.

Stock & Inventory

Does SRK deal in certified diamonds?

Non-certified diamonds ranging from 0.30 to 3.00 carats in weight, D to M color and VVS to I3 clarity are available at SRK.

What is the ratio of GIA certificates to your total stock?

Here's the diamond certification ratio of SRK's inventory:

Is the stock on definitely available?

The stock listed on is definitely available to the registered clients, helping them place online orders in few clicks. The listed stock is updated on real-time basis.

How would clients know about the new stock updates on

Registered customers receive new stock updates daily via emails. They are also informed about special offers and price revisions.

Does SRK hold stones on customer's request?

Stones are held on request for genuine customers for the following time period:

  • 1 hour for Indian customers
  • 3-4 hours for European customers
  • 24 hours for US customers
How does the company handle product unavailability?

Customers can describe their request for a diamond through SRK's "Describe Your Demand" feature. They can also mention their requirements to the KAM who will help them find the perfect diamond. SRK also accepts customized orders from the customers.

How many days it takes to deliver the shipment?

Diamonds are delivered to the customers within two working days.


What are the payment terms when purchasing diamonds from

Rates mentioned on are based on advance payment terms only. From the date of confirmation of order, advance payments needs to be done by bank wire transfer to the company's account within four working days.

What is bank wire transfer? How does it work?

Through wire transfer, customers can transfer funds from their bank to SRK account. Once customers authorize their bank to release the amount, the bank will give them a swift XXX number. Once they have authorized the funds and the information reaches SRK, the company will start the process of shipping the diamonds.

Where can customers do the wire transfer?

Proceeds can be remitted by T/T or SWIFT as per the following instructions:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 8900444096
BENEFICIARY NAME: Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.
EE-6011, Bharat Diamond Bourse, G Block,
B.K.C., Bandra (East), Mumbai- 400 051.

Online Registration

How can I register on

Visit and register yourself by filling the required details in the registration form

How can I track my order?

SRK offers a unique confirmation ID to every customer. Once confirmation is done from My Confirmations, customers can obtain all details about the diamond including photos and videos. Customers also get an email confirmation with the details of the confirmed diamonds.